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Safety and complaints

Have you come into contact with @ease and would you like to report something related to negligence, undesirable behaviour, unprofessional behaviour, unpedagogical or uncollegial behaviour at @ease? Please report your complaint here . If you would like to be contacted regarding your complaint, you can leave an email address. You can also report anonymously. In that case, enter on the form. Someone else may also make a report or complaint on your behalf.

Your report will be automatically forwarded to one of our confidential counsellors. This person will conduct an investigation based on your report or discuss the report anonymously with the @ease board. This way, the right steps can be taken to handle the report properly. If you have left your contact details, @ease's confidential counsellor will contact you within 4 weeks. If you do not agree with the response you receive from us, we would like to hear from you again.

Do not hesitate to make a report or complaint; even if you think it makes no sense or is not bad enough to report. We think it is important that @ease can be a safe place. Check out our integrity policy here

Contact form Safety and complaints .

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