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Social safety

Confidential Advisors

A confidential adviser is someone who is connected to @ease and with whom you can deal with privately regarding @ease. The confidential adviser guarantees privacy. They have the duty to report when criminal offenses come to light. You can review these questions to determine whether you are at the right address with the confidential adviser:

If you answer one of these questions with "yes", you can contact one of our confidential counsellors:

Thérèse van Amelsvoort, via

Rianne Klaassen, via

For all other personal questions and concerns you can contact our branches at the normal opening hours. Even if you are worried about someone else, feel free to walk in with us.

Code of Conduct for Volunteers

Contact and relations between volunteers, staff and young people who visit @ease has very clear boundaries. Behavior that is aggressive, threatening and or sexual acts between staff and young people is absolutely not permitted. That is why @ease has drawn up a code of conduct for all employees. The Code of Conduct consists of two parts: rules that contribute to an open, transparent and safe environment for young people and volunteers. This also applies to the definition of sexually transgressive behavior as the starting point for the disciplinary and sanctions policy that is conducted by the organization. When you come to work with us, as a volunteer or as a paid employee; we ask that you to sign this code of conduct. Through this declaration, you state that you know the code and conduct yourself accordingly.

The Rules of Conduct for Volunteers and Employees

Policy and Sanctions on Sexual Boundary Crossing Behavior Concerning Minors

By breaching sexual boundaries with underage young people we mean: any form of sexual behavior or sexual approach, in verbal, nonverbal or physical sense, intentional or unintentional, which is experienced by the person undergoing it as undesirable or forced; and / or takes place within an unequal balance of power (adult-young person, care provider-client, etc.); and / or other acts or conduct that are punishable under the penal code. Behavior that, according to the aforementioned description, falls under sexually transgressive behavior with underage young people, can be sanctioned by a disciplinary procedure in which they can speak and be heard. The sanctions consist of excluding voluntary work with minors for a short or longer period by including personal data in a central register. Behavior where one breaches sexual boundaries with minors is subject to prosecution via the criminal code and will be reported to the police and judiciary.

The volunteer's contract is terminated immediately the moment that an employee does not comply with the code of conduct. When the offenses are committed, @ease will file a report.

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