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Something on your mind? Talking about it helps! At @ease you can simply walk in or chat online: anonymously, without an appointment and for free. We help young people from 12 to 25 years old.

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From Monday to Thursday from 3.30 pm to 6 pm.


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Many young people talk to us about stress, loneliness, depression, insecurities, drug abuse, an unsafe home situation or something else. Taking the first step to talk about your problems is quite difficult for most people. You want to solve it yourself or you don't dare to talk to friends or family about it. Then it can be comfortable to talk to a stranger without feeling any obligations. That is possible at @ease: we are happy to listen to you and your story remains safe.

You do not have to make an appointment at @ease. You can just chat online or walk in for a conversation. We do not keep a file and you don’t need permission from your parents. Would you rather not come alone? No problem, you can also take someone with you. A conversation can take a short time or a little longer. Everything is possible. If you haven't been able to discuss everything yet, you'll just come back. You can do that as many times as you want.

We have a lot of youngsters who volunteer at @ease. They chat with you or are present for a personal conversation at 1 of our locations. Many of our volunteers do this work because they want to do something for other young people. Sometimes because they themselves know how it feels when you walk around with certain problems or psychological complaints. All our volunteers are trained to listen to you or to think along with you if you need it.

Sometimes your problems are so big that you may need more help. That is why there is always a healthcare professional (for example a psychologist or a youth doctor) present at @ease. He or she can discuss with you how to find more support. Of course, you decide and we don't do anything without your permission.

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Here you can see stories of young people, volunteers and employees of @ease. They write about what they encounter in their lives, at school or at work. Do you want to share something on our website? Just let us know… we really like that!


Nathalie is @ease

When was the last time that you have completely felt at ease?


Deniece is @ease

More than 2 years ago, after a stressful time in a psychiatric clinic, I returned to the 'normal world' again. It took some time for me to adjust.


Wico is @ease

Wico Mulder, is a pediatrician and ambassador for @ease. He has many conversations with young people and is interested in the relationship between body and mind.

Talking helps!

At @ease, we believe that things can be done differently. We want to help young people with psychological complaints earlier in life. We do this by being a place where you feel welcome and safe to speak about anything. We believe that no one should feel lonely when things are not going so well.

We are here to listen to you. Talking helps. It’s relieving. It makes you stronger. You’ll find out that you are not alone. And we can try to make sure your problems don't get any bigger. 75% of all mental illnesses occur before the age of 25. So it's important to get help on time. To prevent problems getting worse. And to prevent the need for (later) long-term care.

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