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Volunteer @ease

Our opening hours

Wednesday from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

'Please note that these are our normal opening hours, but we may have unexpected changes. Therefore, before you come, always check our Instagram-page (@ease_nederland).'

@ease is closed on official Dutch public holidays.

No appointment needed

You can visit us without an appointment. If you want to ask something in advance, you can:

Our address

@ease Eindhoven
Emmasingel 22 (Eindhoven Library, in the De Witte Dame Building)
5611 AZ Eindhoven

You will find us at the back of the library, in the Young Adult department (to the left of the café, but you can always ask an employee for directions).


Open from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. On Wednesdays until 8:30 PM. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Volunteer @ease

When you walk in, our volunteers will welcome you. They ask if you want to have a drink and together with two volunteers you go to our conversation room. Here you can talk in your own pace and safely about everything you are dealing with. The length of your conversations can vary depending on your needs. Yo can also come back as many times as you want. We understand that it can be scary to walk in for the first time. Our volunteers are trained to ensure that you feel at ease quickly. You can always take someone with you. He or she can wait in our living room or accompany you to the conversation room, that's up to you.

When the conversation is finished, the volunteers will ask you to fill out a questionnaire on an iPad. This can be done anonymously. The answers are used for research. For example, we would like to know how you found @ease and what you think about the conversation you had. Your opinion is important to us. You can help us improve @ease. If you prefer not to cooperate, that is no problem. You can just tell us.

Do you need immediate help?

If you're in danger right now, call 112 now for more help.

Suicidal thoughts?

At @ease you can always talk about your thoughts during our opening hours. You can also call 113. This can be done day and night. You can even chat via or sign up for online therapy. It is anonymous and free.

Many young people find it difficult to talk about suicide. But we know that talking about suicidal thoughts can be very relieving. It helps to take away the loneliness and the tension. You become calmer. The other person can help you organize your thoughts. Together you will try to find a solution.

Jouw GGD

Do you want to know something about your health? Go to Here you will find answers to questions about your body, your feelings or things that you would rather not talk about at home. Ask a question directly via chat or send an e-mail. Anonymous and confidential. Logo Jouw GGD

On you can find various aid organizations where you can go anonymously, for free and online. Logo Jongerenhulp online

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