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Support @ease

Dylan Haegens, well-known YouTuber and initiator of Durf te Vragen, supports @ease with a great video message!

@ease can also use your support well! There are various possibilities:

Become a Volunteer

Our teams are always open to new volunteers. Read here about the possibilities. We would like to receive your resume with a short motivation letter via Maastricht@ease.nl or Amsterdam@ease.nl.

Promote @ease in Your local Area

We have noticed that more and more people are familiar with @ease, which pleases us. But we can also use your help. Aid us by making @ease known in your area. Word-of-mouth, by means of flyers, cards, posters or via social media. There are also opportunities to become an ambassador for @ease. Or maybe you have a good idea that can help increase awareness of @ease. Everything is possible, so do not hesitate to contact us via info@ease.nl.

Financial Donations

Support @ease by means of a financial contribution. With your contribution, we can train new volunteers and help even more young people. You can donate via the following methods:

* After you donate, we would like to personally thank you so do not forget your name and e-mail address!