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@ease Maastricht

Bogaardenstraat 35a
6211 SN Maastricht

During our opening hours you can also reach us by telephone via number 043 - 205 81 06 or 06 – 82410040.

Click here for our opening hours.

You can just walk in. As often as you want. You do not have to make an appointment, but of course you can.

You can find @ease Maastricht in the center of Maastricht, close to the ‘Markt’, at Bogaardenstraat 35a. When you ring our doorbell, we open the door for you and pick you up at the stairs. We have two rooms in our building where you can tell your story in a private and peaceful setting. If you come to us together with someone else, then that person can of course accompany you to the conversation room or that person can wait for you in our 'living room'. That’s up to you.
We understand that it can be quite exciting or maybe stressful for you when you visit us for the first time. Almost everyone has that. That is why we start in a relaxed manner with a cup of coffee or tea and we’ll see what we can do for you.doen.


When the conversation is finished, the volunteers will ask you to complete a questionnaire on an iPad. This can be done anonymously. The answers are used for research. For example, we would like to know how you found @ease and how you rate the conversation. Your opinion is important to us. You can help us improve @ease. If you would rather not cooperate, that is no problem.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can also reach us via chat from 3.30 pm to 6 pm.

Questions about your health?

Do you want to know something about your health? Go to

Need immediate help?

Do you think of suicide and do you need immediate help?

Many young people find it difficult to talk about suicide. But we know that talking about suicidal thoughts can be very helpful. It helps to eliminate loneliness and tension. You become calmer. The other can help you to organize your thoughts. And will try to find a solution together with you.


Svea, volunteer:

"It's okay not to be okay!"


Leon, volunteer:

"Happy to listen to your story at @ease."


Eleni, volunteer:

"Being lonely does not mean you are alone...we are here to listen to you at any time you wish to share with us your thoughts and feelings." From @ease Team with love, xxx."


Charlotte, volunteer:

"At @ease you are important and together we look at your needs and how we can support you."


Femke,remedial educationalist:

"Put your story in the words that suit you. You can say just f# if you feel f# up."


Deniece, Volunteer:

"When uncertainty no longer makes me restless, but feels like a wave that I can safely ride on ..."


Emke, professional:

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Turn and face the strange.”


Leona, volunteer:

“Whatever you are experiencing is allowed to be there at @ease. Whether you feel like talking non-stop or struggle to put your feelings into words - we’re here to listen.“