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@ease Groningen
Herestraat 103
9711 LG Groningen

During our opening hours you can also reach us by telephone via number: 06-57012303.

Click here for our opening hours.

You can just walk in. As often as you want. You do not have to make an appointment, but of course you can.

You can find @ease Groningen in building of Jimmy’s Groningen, close to the central station. The property is located between the Hereplein and the beginning of the Herestraat (the main shopping street). If you come by bus, it is best to get off at Hereplein. When you enter, you immediately step into Jimmy's living room. There you will be welcomed by the volunteers from Jimmy’s or @ease. The (private) @ease conversation room is located at the top floor of the building. You will have to climb two stairs.

If you come to us together with someone else, then that person can of course accompany you to the conversation room or that person can wait for you in our 'living room'. That’s up to you.We understand that it can be quite exciting or maybe stressful for you when you visit us for the first time. Almost everyone has that. That is why we start in a relaxed manner with a cup of coffee or tea and we’ll see what we can do for you.

About Jimmy's

Jimmy's is a place where young people can meet and learn from each other. The place is used for working on (joint) projects, organizing workshops, or coming together to relax. It is also a place where information and support can be found on topics that young people often have, like body and feelings, relationships and sex, family and friends, school and future, living, working and money, violence and bullying, smoking, drinking and drugs.


When the conversation is finished, the volunteers will ask you to complete a questionnaire on an iPad. This can be done anonymously. The answers are used for research. For example, we would like to know how you found @ease and how you rate the conversation. Your opinion is important to us. You can help us improve @ease. If you would rather not cooperate, that is no problem.


You can reach us via chat on Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3.30 pm to 6 pm.

Questions about your health?

Do you want to know something about your health? Go to

Need immediate help?

Do you think of suicide and do you need immediate help?

Many young people find it difficult to talk about suicide. But we know that talking about suicidal thoughts can be very helpful. It helps to eliminate loneliness and tension. You become calmer. The other can help you to organize your thoughts. And will try to find a solution together with you.

@ease Groningen
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@ease Groningen kamer

Milou, volunteer, student
and experienced expert:

'Life is full of ups-and-downs. Unfortunately, the downs are also part of our lifes and we are ready to make them as bearable as possible for you. Talking about it can certainly help.'


Cecile, location manager:

‘Talking to someone without an agenda can help you move forward on your own after a good conversation. I hope we can let you experience this at @ease.’


Marjolein Haak, volunteer,
ambulatory nurse:

“Tell your story and above all being heard without all kinds of fuss! For that you have come to the right place at @ease.”


Wimjan, volunteer, Mental Health
psychologist in education:

“As a young person you are really not alone, even if it sometimes feels like that! A listening ear from someone else can be very valuable.”


Loes, remedial educationalist:

“You can do more together than alone. That is why it is so nice that you can come and chat at @ease. Nothing is obligatory and every subject is OK!”


Susan, volunteer:

“Be afraid, and do it anyway.”


Sophie, volunteer

My motto is "Work hard, be mild and live happily". But living happily can be quite difficult at times. Fortunately, you don't have to face it alone. Your thoughts, feelings and problems are safe with us.